Your General Practitioner:  

  • Supports you through all of your medical problems
  • Helps you taking care of health administration and prescriptions
  • Prescribes necessary medication
  • Timely refers you to a specialist
  • Guides you through pregnancy from the beginning on
  • Also treats your newborn
  • Provides necessary vaccinations
  • Timely takes off a swab or a breast examination
  • Advises the right choice of anti conception
  • Stitches and mends wounds
  • Always stands besides you, even through the last life stages
  • Keeps all of your medical information in a well-organized file
  • Stays up to date and trains further
  • Is involved in scientific research on general medicine 


Your homeopath 

  • Is based on two pillars: On one hand the pillar of conventional medicine, on the other hand on the pillar of homeopathy, both are based on critical scientific thinking
  • Supports on these two pillars to give you the best care and protection against disease 


Your psychotherapist, trained as a family constellation facilitator:  

  • Is able to look at your personal family background in a systemic context during consultations
  • Is able to expand on this systemic context during monthly workshops. These workshops work therapeutically and are supported by medical knowledge. 
  • If you are interested in these workshops, we refer you to FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS 


Kind regards,

Dr. Maria Goossens


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