Global medical file

You have probably heard of your Global medical file (GMD in Belgium) through your health insurance or other information channels. In case of doubt, we would like to inform you further on the Global Medical File here. 

Your general practitioner is responsible to keep and coordinate your GMF. 

Gathering all of your medical records in one well-organized file by one GP will ensure you a better quality of health care. Your GP is in the best position to refer you to the specialist that you need. Thanks to this file, the communication between the specialist, your GP and other health care providers are optimized. 

To keep and coordinate your file the RIZIV (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) provides a reimbursement. Your GP will charge you an annual fee, determined by the RIZIV. This fee is reimbursed fully. You will also enjoy a € 1,5 reduction to every consultation of your GP. If you move or change GP, your file will be passed on to your new GP, which will then only be charged the following year. 


Content of the GMF

The global medical file is a medical record kept by your GP that includes: 

  • All the information on your health history
  • Social and administrative data
  • Reports from specialists and other health care providers
  • Data on prescribed medication and possible allergy
  • Personal noted by your GP are not included

Based on this file, the doctor will provide an overall picture of your health situation and your doctor will be able to better judge which examinations or treatments may be necessary or redundant, and if proposed treatments do not conflict with each other. 


Examinations and treatments by specialists

Specialists are not required to share any information with your GP. The GMF however provides a way to improve specialist-GP communication. You can ask your specialist to communicate his findings to your GP to allow a better control on your health or disease status. 


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